Monday, August 23, 2010

Something I've been working on based on an old church here in Lisbon.


Anonymous said...

Hello Andreas!
I Adore your painting skills and your technique! I would like to know what is the convergence, the rythm you use among programs, i mean, what do you do in Photoshop, what do you do in Painter, wich one do you use to start at, etc.

Keep doing that amazing work!

Alexis Oviedo (Dominican Republic).

Andreas Rocha said...

These last paintings have entirely been done in Photoshop. Painter is more a secondary tool as it helps a lot in blending (when I need smooth areas) or to leave more gestural strokes using the chalk or Loaded Palette Knife. I don't follow strict's more through experimentation to see what works best.

Anonymous said...

Got it! Thanks a lot.